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  1. After selecting your model with the “Create new item” lots of different setting fields and options become available. One of them is the thumbnail for your item. It should generate automatically, but you can also create your own thumbnail by adjusting the camera or importing your own thumbnail from your drive.

  2. The next step is to specify if your item will be put on the floor, walls, or ceiling.

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  3. Now you need to decide if the item can be placed on other items, or if users will be able to put other items on your item.

  4. Select a category for your item, and add some tags that define its properties.

  5. Fields below allow you to name your item and give it a price. Here you can also define if the item will be public, and choose the description language.

  6. continuing about description, you can add one to your item below. It will be visible on Steam. Changelog information will also be included if you updating an existing item.