Creating new item

Selecting the model for a new item

Click “Create a new item” in the Item Exporter window. In the following window pick your model from the list.

If you did everything correctly, your item should be on the list. As soon as you pick it, it should be immediately visible in the scene view. There are also numerous other fields available to you now in the Item Exporter window:


Selecting the thumbnail for a new item

The thumbnail will become the default image visible for your item on the Steam Workshop and in the House Flipper tablet.

You can align your viewport in the Scene view and click “Create thumbnail from current scene view”, to create a Thumbnail based on what you see in the Scene View, use the “Create Thumbnail Automatically” to let the tool try to calculate the optimal thumbnail for your item, or use a custom thumbnail in a .png format if you use the “Add own thumbnail” option. You can later add other pictures to your item’s page on Steam Workshop if you wish.

Item placement section

Here you can select if items will be placed on the ground, hung on walls or the ceiling, and if any other items can be placed on it. If you choose that your item can be placed on the floor, we can also make it possible to place it on other items by checking “Other items can be placed on this item”.

Item classification section

Select Item Properties - You can select any number of tags describing an item, picking them one by one from the list. Most of them define how the item is viewed by appraisers, and some of them influence the behavior of the items in the game. Tags are optional.

Item Category - It determines how the item will be classified in the in-game tablet. Each item has only one category. Picking a category for your item is mandatory.

Basic item properties section

Here you can add a name, and define the in-game price of the item. Upon defining the price, you can select which currency should it refer to. The price will be adjusted for other players playing with different currencies.

Steam properties section

Steam visibility lets you decide who will be able to see your item in the workshop. By default, it should be public, but you may choose to share a mod only with your friends, or make it private or not listed.

You can choose to add a description and changelog, by ticking their respective fields and selecting the proper description language from the dropdown list. These fields can later be accessed and modified through your item page in the steam workshop.

Adding a collider to your new item

The item needs to have at least one collider. It is done in Unity, outside of the Item Exporter window. Select your item on the scene by clicking it in scene view or selecting it from the scene hierarchy. Then go to your inspector window. Add a new component - Box Collider. You can use the search field to find it.

You can customize collider properties or add more colliders if you like, but the default collider on one mesh is enough for the item to work properly.

Uploading your new item

To upload your item on Steam Workshop, press the “Export Item” button. If everything is configured properly, you should be able to upload your item as a mod on Steam Workshop. You will see a message after a successful item export.


Your item should be available for subscription on Steam Workshop a few minutes after the export is finished. Should any error occur, you will be informed by a popup or a message in the Item Exporter window.


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