Making the first item - step by step

So, you aim to create your own items for House Flipper
We can help you with that


What will you need for your adventure?

  1. Download Unity 2019.4.9 installed preferably with UnityHub - to manage your Unity versions and projects we recommend you to download UnityHub
    Go here
    and download Unity 2019.4.9 using Unity Hub button


  2. Steam with a Steam account - make sure you are logged in to your account.

  3. Our House Flipper Workshop Exporter tool - Make sure to have it downloaded. You will find it in your Steam Library under the “Tools” section, which is hidden by default. You can find it here:


  4. Your favorite 3D modeling software - that will allow you to design your amazing item. Like Blender, to give an example.

Got everything already? Okay, now for the fun part!

  1. For starters, create your item in your 3D modeling program, but keep in mind the following

  2. Try to keep the polygon count low and your textures at a reasonable resolution. If you overdo it, not everyone will be able to use your item.

  3. Try to keep your object to scale, so it will fit in the house. Some in-game dimensions, that may help you out:

    1. Ceiling height - 2.75 meters.

    2. Window tills for most windows are around 1.15 meters high - the highest item that will fit under them needs to be up to 1.1 meters tall.

    3. smallest floor tile or wall pilar size is 0.25 meter by 0.25 meter

    4. Placement snapping grid interval is 5 centimetres

  4. Make sure that the pivot of the item is in a point, around which you wish your item to rotate in-game. Additionally, if the item is supposed to:

    1. lay on the ground - keep the pivot on the lowest surface of your item

    2. hang on the walls - keep the pivot on the surface that will have contact with the wall

  5. When everything is ready, export your model to .fbx or .obj file.

  6. Now run the Unity Hub, and “add the project” located in the directory seen upon launching our Workshop Tool from Steam library.

It’s time to import your model into Unity

  1. If our project was added to Unity Hub, it needs to be opened with Unity 2019.4.9f1

  2. With the project open, click the “Assets” and then “Import New Asset…” on the top bar to import your model file in the .obj. or .fbx format into Unity.


  3. Open our exporter tool from the top bar, under “House Flipper”. Here you can either open the exporter directly or view a popup with the instruction manual. Run our exporter tool by clicking “Export Custom Item” there. You can view this popup or the exporter tool window from the top bar anytime.


  4. In the window that shows up after you run our tool, select the “Create new item option”, unless you want to update an existing item, then a better choice would be to go with “Update existing item”.


  5. In the window that shows up find your 3D model and select it.

  6. If your item is too small or too large it is the best time to change its scale!

Define your item!

  1. After selecting your model with the “Create new item” lots of different setting fields and options become available. One of them is the thumbnail for your item. It should generate automatically, but you can also create your own thumbnail by adjusting the camera or importing your own thumbnail from your drive.


  2. The next step is to specify if your item will be put on the floor, walls, or ceiling.


  3. Now you need to decide if the item can be placed on other items, or if users will be able to put other items on your item.


  4. Select a category for your item, and add some tags that define its properties.


  5. Fields below allow you to name your item and give it a price. Here you can also define if the item will be public, and choose the description language.


  6. continuing about description, you can add one to your item below. It will be visible on Steam. Changelog information will also be included if you updating an existing item.


Add a collider

  1. Each item needs to have at least one collider, so it can operate properly in-game.

  2. Select your item by clicking it in the scene view, and make sure it has a mesh. Otherwise, the collider you create will not be fitted automatically.

  3. Go to the inspector window and select “Add Component”, pick a “Box Collider”.


  4. You can adjust the dimensions and position of your collider, but most probably the one created automatically will be enough.

It is time to share your item with the world!

  1. When you have completed all the above steps, you should see an “Export” button. Press it and wait for the results.

  2. Depending on the file size of your item export time may take up to a few minutes. When everything is completed, you will see a message box confirming a successful export.

  3. If any errors occur, you will be able to find more details in the exporter tool window.

Your item is now available in the Steam Workshop, check it yourself by going into Steam Workshop tab in Comunity Hub for House Flipper. Find your item and subscribe to it, to be able to check it in the game!


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