Low FPS problem

While we are putting constant effort into improving game performance, it works fluently only on a handful of laptops.
Please keep in mind, that if the tips here won't change much, you can ask for a refund on Steam.

How to check if the game should work properly on my laptop?

You can verify if your machine meets all the needed criteria here. If it does, but still doesn't run the game properly, please use the tips below.

If it does not meet the minimal requirements, the tips below might not help you and the game might be unplayable - in that case, refund seems to be a good choice. Buying the game just to test out if it works and then asking for a Steam refund isn't anything wrong. Please keep in mind that Steam has its own rules which you can check on the mentioned page.

Tips that can help

Make sure that the game uses the correct graphics card

Many laptops have two graphics cards - the main one, and the one integrated into the CPU of the laptop. In most cases the integrated card is good enough for office work, but not for 3D games.

In some cases, the operating system is assigning the wrong card for the game. It can happen on start, or during gameplay (for example after switching to web browser, or desktop recording software).

Solutions on how to set default graphic card for a particular game depends on your graphic card vendor. Various instructions on how to do that are available on the internet, for example here.

Connect the charger to your laptop

Most laptops are slower while unplugged (in order to reduce power consumption).

Change "Quality" to "Ultra Low"

In Settings → Graphics please choose the option shown below:

Reduce the resolution

House Flipper is playable on 4K monitors or in other super-high resolutions, but only on really high-end machines. If you are using such resolution and face issues, we recommend switching it to something similar to Full HD (1920x1080) or lower and checking if it solves your issue.

Reduce "Texture quality".

In Settings → Advanced you can reduce the quality of textures.

Setting it lower can help, especially if your graphics card lacks virtual memory. This process takes time - it needs to scale down every image in the whole game.

If you ever stumble upon any other solution to your FPS issue, it would be really great if you could share it with our support (support@empyrean.games), so we could help others better in future.