Multiple saves via Steam Family Share

If you ever considered being able to play House Flipper on one computer, and not needing to reset progress to allow another person to play their own game, there's a way!

What you will require:

  • more than one account on your operating system (currently tested on Windows only)
  • additional steam account

1. Create or enter another account on your PC
2. Download steam installer (or execute it if you already have it)
3. Install new steam instance in other location than your main steam installation place on hard drive.
4. Run your second account.
5. If you have 2nd account with House Flipper game then just run it. Game saves its progress in the location of OS user. (you can skip points with letters a-d)
a. If you don't have House Flipper on your second account, you can share game from your main account, and allow to play person on 2nd account
(important notice: only one person can play game on one key, so if one account will try to play game on first PC, this person need to wait for game on second PC to be terminated)
b. To do so you need to ask for request from steam account who owns House Flipper to share game on PC.
c. You will be able to send the request via steam mail request built into the steam account if you run the game on the same PC.
d. After receiving an e-mail on main HF account and accepting the request to share the game between accounts, you should be able to play on the second account.
6. You can now play games on seperate accounts, and have different saves for each account.

Additional information:
1. If you play game in steam online mode it will save the progress in the steam cloud, which allows later on to import your saves to other machine (or other OS account) just based on steam account.
2. Local save goes for last user that played House Flipper on this OS account, so be careful not to overwrite the other person's save if they haven't uploaded their save to cloud and you use their OS account.
3. If you play in steam offline mode, keep in mind that you can't download game from cloud, so you will be playing on local saves.