Sony PlayStation & Microsoft Xbox - FAQ


  • How much content do we get on the console version of House Flipper?

You’re getting the game House Flipper with all the content from the August 2019 PC version.
If you’re wondering if we’re planning to work on the DLCs, you can find the answers below.

  • What’s the difference between the game on basic versions of PS4 / Xbox One, and PS4 Pro / Xbox One X

On the basic versions, the texture render scaling is reduced to 50%, while on the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X the textures are of the same quality as on the PC version.

We’ve also added some additional anti-aliasing and shadow details on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X compared to the basic versions.

All of the mentioned consoles will run House Flipper at Full HD resolution. On Xbox One X the resolution may be raised up to 1800p.

The game will run on stable 30 fps on all of the Xbox One devices and on the basic version of PS4. On PS4 Pro and Xbox One X you’ll be able to unlock the fps up to 60 in the graphics settings.

  • Do you plan to bring any DLCs to consoles?

That’s a tough one! We’d say it all depends on our community and the demand for it. If we’ll see that a lot of people want us to release a console version of the Garden Flipper and any future DLCs, we might start working on it.
Regarding the Apocalypse DLC, we couldn’t bring it to PS4 / Xbox One because of the PEGI and ESRB ratings.

  • Can we expect seasonal events and new content added regularly on the console version of House Flipper?

The answer here is very similar, it’s all in your hands guys.

  • I already have House Flipper on Steam, do I have to buy it again on PS4 or Xbox One?

Yes, you have to purchase a separate copy of House Flipper on each platform.

  • Is my progress from the PC version of House Flipper transferable to the console version?

Your saves and progress are directly connected to the given platform so there’s no way to transfer it from one platform to another.

  • Will there be any achievements or trophies on the console versions?

Yes! On PS4 we have trophies and a platinum one for getting them all, and on Xbox One there are achievements available.

  • Is the game going to work for the previous generation of consoles?

Unfortunately no.

  • Is the console version of House Flipper only available in a digital version?

For now yes, but a physical disc version should be available soon!

  • Is there a season pass available?

House Flipper is not available in a season pass.

  • Do the console versions support mouse and keyboard?

Yes, both the PS4 and Xbox One House Flipper versions can be played on mouse and keyboard.

  • How about PlayStation VR?

Unfortunately, House Flipper does not support PlayStation VR