Supported version: 2019.4.9f1

We recommend managing your Unity versions and projects with Unity Hub.

Go here
and download Unity 2019.4.9


Steam Account

You need to be logged into your Steam account when uploading mods.


Our Unity project with Item Exporter

Unity project with Item Exporter functionality can be downloaded from Steam, but only if you have House Flipper on your steam account.


After installation, press “Launch” to open the instruction and the tool directory on your hard drive.

Here you will find the whole tool that you need to open in Unity or add this as a project to Unity Hub.

Only this way you will be able to see our tool in Unity.

3D Model of your item

Don’t make very complicated items and don’t use very big textures. This may significantly slow down the game for most players.

The model you want to use must be in .fbx or .obj format. It can be modeled in any software that supports either of these formats (like Blender). Keep in mind that the pivot location will indicate the center of rotation of the item, as it is later placed in the world by the player. Additionally, the pivot should usually be on the surface that will have contact with the floor if the item is placed on the ground on one of the side surfaces if it will be placed on the walls, and on the top of the item will be placed on the ceiling.

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