Item Exporter configuration


Opening Item Exporter window

Upon opening the project, you should be greeted by a window similar to this one:

Use the “Open Exporter Wizard” button or navigate to “House Flipper” → “Export Custom Item” to open the Item Exporter window.

A window should show up. This is the main interface element of the whole tool. It can be docked like any other window.

It is also recommended to keep the scene view visible, as it will provide some visual information on the layout of the elements in-game and allows you to tweak it to a degree.

Importing your 3D model to Unity

Right-click somewhere in your project hierarchy and choose “Import New Asset…”, then navigate to your model file (.obj or .fbx) and select it. You can also import new assets from the top bar (Assets → Import New Asset):

We need to import the model, because it needs to be a part of the project, in order for Item Exporter to be able to access it in the next step. To trigger the asset import window you can also just drag a directory with your models straight into the “Assets” folder in your project hierarchy. You can import new models to your projects anytime.


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